Friday, June 04, 2004

You see, this is what...

I was talking about.
A number of folk have e-mailed me about this blog already. This is what DC are about. This is what they do for each other, and for those of us who go see them. This is what they do to a group of strangers from different walks of life: give us common ground, and the knowledge that it doesn't all just suck. There is beauty in this world and in each human. We have only to connect with each other to find it. Del Castillo is that catalyst.
And frankly, it is something to be experinced live. The albums are wonderful, the DVD very good, but there are few musical experiences like seeing Del Castillo live. The words I am trying to put here will be but a hollow echo of what they can be up there. I will give it a poet's try though, for those who may have to wait awhile yet.


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