Monday, June 21, 2004

El otro Hermano


Ricky, as some have called him.

Boom Boom, according to Beto.

This is the very definite leader of this band, and the current heartthrob of way too many women, especially considering these guys haven't played outside Texas much yet. The man gets mobbed nearly every night they play. I wonder what any girlfriend he's got must think of it. I would have trouble I suspect.

But this isn't about me. It is about an extremely charismatic little fellow who belies his height through his music. If there was ever any concern in his head about what others think of him because he is only about 5'6", he needs to forget about it. He is in many ways larger than life. Bert once described Rick as having two tons of soul, and I know he's right. There is something different in him that one only finds in the most unique musicians. Luckily, this one seems to have his head on pretty straight and we do not seem likely to lose him to drugs or suicide.
I have yet to have been able to discuss anything of a spiritual nature with him. My times with the band have for the most part been short and sweet, but I am still just a fan and some things for me are kept at an arm's length. I may wish to see it change, but I also understand. They have their group of friends and about a hundred thousand others who might, for wrong reasons, want to infiltrate that. I am one of those for now, and may be for a long time. I appreciate all they have done and offered me in the way of friendship. I only hope that time and fame do not alter it. I am like a moth to the flame, I know, but the moth does it out of being dazzled, not a desire to possess.

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