Thursday, June 17, 2004

Again with the Austin Guys

Well,let's get back on horse here. To continue about DC.
I am going through a weird form of withdrawl right now. It has been nearly three weeks since I got to see them last and they are truly addictive. I tried to convince myself it was just me building up memories for when they are gone on to bigger things than the venues I have seen them in, but no more. I am an addict in the worst possible sense. At least this is a good addiction.

Let me complete my observations of the rhythm section. The Rev: I haven't spoken with him as much as some of the others, but he strikes me as a devoted man- family, music, faith, and the guys in this band. He isn't the only one by any means. He just isn't afraid to let the world know through action as much as word. He is really sweet and has always made time for me when I have asked for it. And he poses really well ;)
Someday I will figure out how to put photos on this thing and share some of the ones I took a month ago. I got a bit crazy and ran off four rolls!
Surprised myself with them actually. I haven't done concert photography for years, except my son-in-law's band. I managed to get some pretty good shots.

As drummers go, Mike Zeoli is pretty standard: insane. He is a tremendous drummer and I am pretty picky. I study the rhythm section before all else, because that is what holds up the sound. If that falls through, the rest will start to collapse too. Guitar players just work by a different rhythm, something I only within the last few years started to understand.
I judge almost all I know of Mike on his playing because we have only talked briefly in passing. He seems to be a very intense guy too, staying to himself a lot. He is a consumate musician, and I do enjoy watching him, again when I can see him. If I had my way, most stages they play on would be like the one up at the Oasis in Austin. It is a two level stage, which is Hades on the roadies, but neat for those of us who like to see ALL the action up there.

Both of these men choose to let their music speak for itself, so listen well. I suspect you cannot get much closer to their real personalities.

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