Saturday, June 05, 2004


I sit at home wondering how that guitar fest thingee went for the guys.
I wonder to myself how many more times I will get to spend a little time talking with each of them after gigs. And I remember the first one who made the time to really talk to me.
Albert El Beto Besteiro. The comedian onstage. The laid back bassist who is actually holding much together over there in the shadows. The guy whose library (at least I think it's his.) intrigues me to no end. During his interview section on the DVD, he's sitting in front of an impressive array of books. I never remember to talk to him about them! I get the impression there's much more to this one than just being a musician. I also get the impression from him that whatever he does for a living would be given up in a heartbeat to play in a national act.
Beto has a son, Dylan, who on occasion has worked for the band as a roadie. I haven't seen the kiddo playing an instrument, but things like that tend to run in families. It is obvious that the two of them are pretty close. All the parental units in the band are really very dedicated
daddies. Again, it's part of that spiritual thing. We are not what we have done, but rather the effect we leave behind, and nowhere moreso than our children. One more endearing quality to add to the list on these guys.

I have a strong memory of watching Dylan watching the band from over their heads at the Cedar St gig. He seemed very intent on what his dad was doing. There is talk of a Del Castillo II, with all the band kids taking over later in life... Dylan gonna be the bass player?

From a brief conversation, I know that Rick and Bert have known each other since they were twelve. I found that one amusing, 'cos that's the age my best friend and I were when we met! We are older than those two, but I am not allowed by any of the men in that list (my best friend is a guy) to say a word about what that might mean for any of them in the way of age! Men. Oh, like women don't age! ;)

They joke around like they have known each other long enough that each knows how the other will respond. Casey and I are the same way, which makes it easier to see. I think I also know why they can play together so well. Everyone in this band is part of the team, that's obvious, but some of the relationships are stronger. Long friendship is probably why.
If you don't know, several of them grew up in the same area. They only got to know each other as a group when all of them ended up moving to Austin, to which none are natives. Bert and Rick however go back a long way and it shows.

I love Beto more than anything because he always seems happy to see me.
It isn't that the others aren't happy to see the ridiculously dedicated fans too. Beto just makes me feel different, probably 'cos he did it first. And he gives great hugs. Always have to clean my glasses afterwards.

An odd realization for me: I love this band to no end, but I have also come to love each of these fellows, and their roadies, and their families
individually too. The capacity of the human heart does astound me sometimes.
Thanks guys.

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Anonymous said...

Ditto! Albert is always a clown and the friendliest, funniest guy who just makes you feel like he really appreciates his fans. He always is happy to see you at his shows and is always ready to chat afterwards. He's actually a guitar player and a really freakin' awesome one too, but decided to play bass with DC. He is so sweet and lovable that to not get your sweaty hug from him after a show leaves you incomplete. He is the best!
I think some of the other guys are more reserved. While I hope they remember the usual faces that are at the shows as I already do, I sometimes wonder if they do. Ricky is always a sweetheart and just as lovable as Beto and is always happy to see his returning fans too. I want them to go all the way with this, but I'm going to hate to see them leave. Until then, I will always be at their Austin and most TX gigs.