Monday, May 11, 2015

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ewan Dobson: Master Guitarist

Ok...been more than a week, and I am hoping my perspective is a bit more balanced. I cannot saying such things outloud as "best guitarist I know of"...and astounding talent....the list goes on. I "found" Ewan Dobson online somehow, a little over two years ago, and learning what I did about the man, I wasn't certain I would ever get to see him play live. Obviously, I have, and in having a few moments to chat with him, and about 2 hours of the most amazing music and musicianship, I have learned there is a quick mind, deep heart, and immense talent behind every piece I have heard from him. As of right now, I think I own all but 3 of his nearly one dozen albums, and I cannot get enough. I also can't play him while driving, cos I am likely to get a ticket for speeding! Sleep calls right now- but I will be writing more about this astounding (there I go again!) fellow, hopefully to let the world know they should be paying attention.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

RIP Cynthia Lennon

Today, ex of John and mother of Julian passed away from cancer. I hate getting older, and I hate watching others fall to the wayside like this. You really did well by us, ma'am, raising an amazing son, who has as much or more talent than his dad. I know Jules will miss you terribly. So will the world.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Report From The Front...and the Back too.....

Good morning, Mr. And Mrs. America, and all the Ships at Sea. That would be all of you out there in Del Castillo land who didn't get to attend last night's final concert for DC....wherever you are. It was a normal DC gig, cept they pulled a few oldies out of the hat, like Castles and Perdoname (thank you, my brothers. That one lives in my heart forever.) I , and I suspect quite a few like me, spent much of the time trying to absorb for future memory all the details this brain could hold, so I can pull it back up again later. About half way thru I got distracted with a problem that worried quite a few of us thru the rest of the gig- Rick had pulled his back out the day before and it was causing him amazing pain. He played every last note though, to the credit of a consummate professional. I am hoping and praying he and Faith got home last night alright, and that he heals quickly. I have only had about 4 hours sleep, so am not getting the clarity of thought I want. I will do some stuff to clear the head, and try to give you better reporting in a bit. ~J

Monday, September 29, 2014

written at work, 25 June 2014 Oh good. The one day I really feel the need to relate to people I know on FB and the connectivity at work is down. Can’t check weather. Can’t check news. Can’t commiserate with fellow Del Castillo fans that we will no longer have places to get together and celebrate with the band….. Yeah, you read that right. DC announced late last night that they had decided after 14 years to call it quits….or to word it their way- an indefinite hiatus. There are a bunch of gigs between now and cutoff date October 5th that I will do my dangedest to be at, but the mere idea that there won’t be any more tours, any more time to go catch them in Europe, maybe not even any more CDs. Aye. My world has gotten duller already. I want to celebrate the amazingness that they have been- and are- in my heart and this world. I hope I can be a good positive fan until the end. I mean, I very much believe in a person’s right to choose a respectable, dignified exit from this world. Why not a band’s? The idea of “better to burn out,rather than fade away”