Saturday, October 04, 2014

Report From The Front...and the Back too.....

Good morning, Mr. And Mrs. America, and all the Ships at Sea. That would be all of you out there in Del Castillo land who didn't get to attend last night's final concert for DC....wherever you are. It was a normal DC gig, cept they pulled a few oldies out of the hat, like Castles and Perdoname (thank you, my brothers. That one lives in my heart forever.) I , and I suspect quite a few like me, spent much of the time trying to absorb for future memory all the details this brain could hold, so I can pull it back up again later. About half way thru I got distracted with a problem that worried quite a few of us thru the rest of the gig- Rick had pulled his back out the day before and it was causing him amazing pain. He played every last note though, to the credit of a consummate professional. I am hoping and praying he and Faith got home last night alright, and that he heals quickly. I have only had about 4 hours sleep, so am not getting the clarity of thought I want. I will do some stuff to clear the head, and try to give you better reporting in a bit. ~J

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