Monday, September 29, 2014

written at work, 25 June 2014 Oh good. The one day I really feel the need to relate to people I know on FB and the connectivity at work is down. Can’t check weather. Can’t check news. Can’t commiserate with fellow Del Castillo fans that we will no longer have places to get together and celebrate with the band….. Yeah, you read that right. DC announced late last night that they had decided after 14 years to call it quits….or to word it their way- an indefinite hiatus. There are a bunch of gigs between now and cutoff date October 5th that I will do my dangedest to be at, but the mere idea that there won’t be any more tours, any more time to go catch them in Europe, maybe not even any more CDs. Aye. My world has gotten duller already. I want to celebrate the amazingness that they have been- and are- in my heart and this world. I hope I can be a good positive fan until the end. I mean, I very much believe in a person’s right to choose a respectable, dignified exit from this world. Why not a band’s? The idea of “better to burn out,rather than fade away”

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