Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ewan Dobson: Master Guitarist

Ok...been more than a week, and I am hoping my perspective is a bit more balanced. I cannot saying such things outloud as "best guitarist I know of"...and astounding talent....the list goes on. I "found" Ewan Dobson online somehow, a little over two years ago, and learning what I did about the man, I wasn't certain I would ever get to see him play live. Obviously, I have, and in having a few moments to chat with him, and about 2 hours of the most amazing music and musicianship, I have learned there is a quick mind, deep heart, and immense talent behind every piece I have heard from him. As of right now, I think I own all but 3 of his nearly one dozen albums, and I cannot get enough. I also can't play him while driving, cos I am likely to get a ticket for speeding! Sleep calls right now- but I will be writing more about this astounding (there I go again!) fellow, hopefully to let the world know they should be paying attention.

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