Wednesday, June 16, 2004

A small plug

This site is for all the music in my life and must take a moment to talk about my dear friend Patrick Moraz.
Pat played with Yes for 3-4 years, the Moody Blues for over a dozen and countless others. He is reknowned in Europe, has made a number of soundtrack albums and done all sorts of sessions from jazz to blues to classical. That's where he is right now. Years ago I told him I felt his forte was the piano, and though I doubt I had much to do with it, he has gone back to his roots. His latest CD is called ESP (Etudes, Sonatas,Preludes) and if you are a music nut like myself, it is well worth checking out. Try to hear some of his works sampled. A fair warning though: Pat has always been one for pushing parametres, so do not be startled if you find things of his that are a little "out there." He absolutely hates it when I say this of him, but he is a genius, and those types do what we mere mortals do not -they explore what most would say is pointless or unexplorable.
The music on ESP is classical, but completely original and (I love bragging about this) done in one take. No overdubs for this guy. He will practice the piece til his fingers bleed, record it a dozen times, but he will not overdub. What you hear is exactly as it was played in the studio,beginning to end. Should he ever tour again, he is well worth seeing live. Those hands are amazing.

I had to relate this to the world somehow, because too few of those who are around me would appreciate this man. He will be put next to Mozart someday. I would wish it to be while he is alive.

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