Saturday, June 19, 2004

Quick update

I have so much to do today including another long drive, I will be keeping this one short. Del Castillo announced their first tour last night, to both my joy and chagrin. I know the world needs to hear them, but that addiction of mine is not looking forward to doing without so that the Light might be spread.
Lobo read a lettre written by a woman in Ontario last night that says much about the band. In essence, her son, a talented man, had fallen in with bad times and drugs and she thought she had lost him. Del Castillo's music touched him, changed him, and helped him find his way back from the void. Because of this group and the music they make together, someone's life has been changed for the better, and a mother got her son back. This is not the first such story I have been told, nor will it be the last to surface. I may have to start collecting them for a future bio. But that will be far in the future. They have far to go, and many more lives to touch.
If after reading this, you feel you have a similar story to relate, plese put it in the comments, and sign it. I leave the comments sections open for all to read. There should be no secrecy about this. Del Castillo is for all.
Despite the fact I, like many I have met, feel very possessive of them.

More after this weekend has wound down.


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