Thursday, June 03, 2004

opening thoughts

Hello world.
I am a music fanatic. Not someone who goes for the latest look or craze,
but rather one who wants the best possible aureal experience life can offer. Type of music varies, jazz being my number one. And I really want to tell you, in time, about a new band I truly believe will someday be a household name: Del Castillo.
They are a six piece band out of Austin, Texas,by way of Brownsville and some other places. They play neuvo flamenco: their own mix of latin rhythms, Spanish guitar, blues-rock-jazz, and whatever feels right at the time. Sounds sloppy doesn't it? Anything but my friends. The two brothers Rick and Mark del Castillo are the most amazing acoustic players I have heard in many a year. And the rest of the band keeps up in their own way.
They are by far one of the most invigorating, enlivening, intense bands
I have ever watched. They take my breath away every time. It is so much fun to watch the newbies around me become equally enthralled little by little. It is a rare thing for someone to walk away from a Del Castillo
concert unmoved.

I will gather my thoughts, and bring you into their world if I can.
I would offer you more access to mine, but maybe you need to know me before we get that friendly.....

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