Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I'm back.

From a week long hiatus to marry off a nephew that is.

I had made plans to do something at this wedding back in January. I bought 8 Del Castillo CDs, 4 of each album, and gave them randomly to
my family. The nephew who got married is the asst. editor for, so he definitely got one, and musical talent and love for same runs throughout my family. Everyone plays some sort of instrument.

It was so fun! The next morning several of them came up to me just rev-ed about DC. The cousins from Houston, who I tried to get to come to the IFest down there with me, are SOLD. The cousin from Florida, the brother from Colorado and the nephew from Milwaukee are on the band wagon too.
Now the catch is to get the band out on the road to these places, so that others can learn about them too!

One step at a time, and my first one is to go unpack the car, cook me some normal food, and do the laundry. More later!

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