Sunday, June 06, 2004

OOOit is driving me crazy!

I want to know how it went up in Dallas yesterday. It is just killing me that I couldn't be there, though I loathe crowds and can guarantee there as a huge one. I just hope DC did exactly what I would expect and blew the crowd away.
Of course, then I turn around and get sad, becauseI know success up there measn they are one step closer to being out the door to fame. I hate being torn like this. I really want to see them succeed in this nasty, vicious business of the music industry. Hell, I'd like to see them change the precedence about what makes for a success out there.

But part of me really hates the idea that soon I may have to rely on the DVD and the CDs because they won't be home for long periods of time.

And in the meantime, I am driving my son-in-law to a family thing in south Austin and will go pick up copies of both CDs to ship overseas.
What a series of incongruities I am.......

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