Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Have to relate this one

I re-read one of the first entries in this journal and have to tell a little story to give it some more credence.
I went to the Dallas gig last weekend, and ended up standing directly in front of Mark and Rick ( a situation I will re-think in the future. It is possible to be too close!)
A couple next to me had brought with them a newbie, and I made my own testimonial to the gent about the Boys. DC came on and tore into the first song, giving it their normal state of excellence. When they had finished, in the short moment between songs, I turned to the new guy and asked," Sold yet?"
His response of "Hell yeah!" kept me smiling for the rest of the set. This happens around me everytime I see this band live. Someone new joins the Family.

And that, folks, is the Del Castillo experience in a nutshell!


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