Friday, June 04, 2004

That was months ago

This weekend, DC is playing at the Eric Clapton event in Dallas, Crossroads Guitar festival. I didn't act fast enough and couldn't get a ticket to the day they will be there. Such is life. I would love to see the reaction to them up there, especially if the right ears hear what these guys are capable of. You will pardon me if I go off and mope a bit too, because when fame comes to these gentlemen, it means they will not be here as much as they have been. I rue the day and am so very enthused for them, because I know the world should hear them. I myself am aiding that, despite not liking the potential consequences of my actions. Ever had something go on in your life that was so big and special and important to you that you wanted the world to share in it? Something that made you want to burst due to happiness, even ecstasy? One that could make you smile in the middle of the worst day at work for reasons that no one else could possibly understand?
Yep. It sounds awfully high school, I know, but Del Castillo does that for me. Maybe it is time to let you hear them. Their web site is There is both music and streaming video there so you, out there, can get a glimpse of what I write of. I think you will be as amazed and moved as I am every time I see them.

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