Thursday, September 01, 2005

September Song

Leaves play upon a silver breeze....

Okay, I am proving my age there. Chad and Jeremy. Most of you don't have a clue, do you? Well, one of the bad females on the old Batman series once stole their voices. That and the song are about all that remains of a wonderful singing duo. Shame.

I wish that in Texas, the turning of the year to September meant what it does up north- down here, it just means we have at least 30 more days of blistering heat. Yech.

I am recuperated finally from last weekend's escapades and looking forward to a couple this weekend. My dear boys in DC are on their way to the East Coast, where they will spend much of the next 20 days wowing and wooing, I am sure. I had hoped to be going to NYC or Annapolis, but it is not to be. I will have to wait for Albuquerque and El Paso again to travel. Considering current gas prices, probably just as well. It might actually be cheaper to fly, but where's the fun in that? I want to go through Roswell and Carlsbad again, and maybe Marfa too (look them up if you don't understand- very neat places, all.)

In the meantime, I will have to settle for the DVD, which is NOT what they are like at all anymore. I am hoping that despite my feelings at the time of inconvenience, this new batch of film becomes a new DVD. It would be good to get their real power up there on DVD. And it would mean some new tunes to listen to now and then.

I still have Buttercup to go see. They are an interesting group of guys. I have offered to lend them props and such out of my house, and they are game for the input! Ooo...if they only knew what box they have just opened. My imagination can get a little weird now and then. But...they seem to like challenges. Good. I like the adventurous sort!

And there's San Antonio's annual Jazz Alive, provided it isn't so hot I can't stand it. I just wish there was stuff in between, during the week....I have learned to turn off the boob tube (meaning it makes you into a boob, not some sexual reference. Down, boys.) and I am trying to find things out in the community to put in its place. SA isn't a little town, but it sometimes feels like it. The sidewalks at least yawn and scratch themselves about 11 PM, though they don't actually roll up til later.... It is a little sad that the only ones I can find out doing stuff at midnight are the bats of society like me, usually in bars and rarely being productive. Maybe I need to start something. I am the master of chaos after all. It's my job.


nighty night.


Blueberry said...

Chad and Jeremy! I poke around a lot of venue websites, and happened to notice that they still actively tour! I was shocked... and yes... feeling my age and more on that note. As for September in Texas, the word Fall is not exactly appropriate. What exactly is falling? It sure ain't the temperature. heh heh.

PJD said...

Hey Gal!
They are still around, eh? I wonder if they still have those velvety voices. I can't remember who it was now, but I recently saw another person like that, you know- old '60's stuff, and he still had it. Oh! it was America! They sound ezactly the same, 30 + years later.

and you know when it's fall here- the weather guy starts talking about Lost Maples' colour, which is usually after wonder no one down here quite gets what i feel about All Hallow's. Tough when you costume makes you sweat!