Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Two :Too hot to Handle

Yow, the things I do in the name of band-love!

Later in the evening, Rick Del Castillo told me in passing that temps in Austin had reached 108. That's nuts! Who in their right mind holds an outdoor event in potentially life threatening heat?! And I remember back when I was in school at UT that the average temp in Austin was always about 5 degrees cooler than San Antonio. no more I guess. They call all that damned cement and steel progress....I sure as hell don't.

Despite the heat, a cadre(sp?) of loyalist DC fans stuck it out for the boys. We darn near melted, but we stayed. I haven't eaten that much shaved ice since I was about 12. And I still needed water for many hours afterwards. Someone I know had a case of heat prostration from this day, and that is NOT good. It's supposed to be fun and enjoyable for all. Let's do it again guys, but not until cooler weather!

The guys were really on this particular evening, partly because they were home, and partly because of the film crew flitting around the stage all evening. Kudos to them for not interfering with the fans' view or priority, but I still hate being at these filmings. The groups always act differently, a bit more self-consious and such. Not to speak of we fans who would prefer to NOT end up on film. Leave that crap to Hollyweird. I came for the music only.
The boys have obviously had a lot of time on their hands on the road and have been productive. there was a new tune, which I had heard in El Campo, but cannot remember the name of. And they have seriously tighened up Bert's "Brotherhood" tune. Both pieces are decidedly more radio oriented, btu still very Dc. Catchy I must say! Now, if we could just get them on an ALBUM?! I know that's out of the question, at least for now. Maybe 2006. I think they are still waiting for a label to give them the big deal instead of just getting the music out there. It is driving those of us who have heard about this album-in-the-making now for well over a year nutz. I would settle for an EP of new stuff guys!

The one upside to the evening is that the film crew was supposedly making it for some public access channel to show. Please any one in austin who can tape it, do so! At the very least I would like to see what they made me not use my flash to capture. I do think the smoke machine was a bit of overkill, but we'll see. It just seems more Bonjovi than Del Castillo. My opinion of course. I just don't go for the frue-frue junk. If one is true to what one is, the only thing that kind shine through is the Truth.


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