Sunday, August 21, 2005

I Stand Accused

of musical infidelity.

Ya know, I'm not sure that's possible. Perhaps fickleness, but one would have to be the vilest of groupies to fall into that first category, and well, I just don't do that.
and I am not the love 'em and leave 'em type either. I still hold my dearest Moody Blues in my heart, despite finding out things about the people in the band that didn't settle well with me. It's where I learned to let artists also be humans.

What I am talking about it a somewhat serious, somewhat joking accusation from a member of Del Castillo ( I will keep his anonymity) of "being with another band" while they were gone. I actually fumbled around trying to explain my way out of it too! Apparently for some musicians, there isn't even a fine line to be drawn between fan and possession! ;)
Seriously though, DC is my true love right now, no matter who I write about. I was standing last night watching the brothers FLY through a couple of solos, and thought to myself, then to my friend Casey, they could wipe out Lara and Reyes. Yet I still played L&R's World Jazz Cd when I got up this morning. It is a wonderful, skillful jazz album, with tones of musical forms from around the world in it. I have NO doubt that Reyes could keep up with and even challenge Rick and Mark. Yet- what they make, the music they with their fellow band members create every time I see them so surpasses anything out there.... Perdename had me literally on my knees, in tears, AGAIN. Those harmonies just cut through all the bullshit roaming around in this confused little soul and put it on the line. The words I do know, because they come boiling up from inside me. They find expression in DC's most amazing tune, and the Truth in it burns away the mask for a brief moment, letting in light where I myself may not dare. None of the guitar duos in my collection, and there are many, have ever touched me in that way. And, once again, I know I am not alone in this. It is the force, the power of the soul in their music that draws a growing number of fans together.
You have much to do in this world, gentlemen. I cannot say what part I play in it, if any, but I will be there to support you as much as I can. If you think for one minute that I do not count the days, nay, even sometimes the minutes, between the times we get to spend together, you are wrong. Not to belittle anyone I would write about here, but I would throw over any gig I get to go to, if I knew I had time to spend with my brothers in Del Castillo. The fact I search for something to fill in the gap when they are out there letting the rest of the world know they exist should only be a sign to DC that I miss them. And I really do.

(Ps. Don't miss the Austin Buttercup gig this Friday if you can help it. There's a lot of soul there too, though a little different. Avant Garde, for sure.)


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