Saturday, August 27, 2005

Oh goody goody!

I get to go stand out in 100 degree heat to catch Del Castillo and Vallejo....

didn't I do something like this last year in Victoria? Only hat was Chris Duarte and DC.

I gotta be nuts.

Between traveling for DC and now traveling for Buttercup, the price of gas right now, and the September heatwave of '05, I have to be crazy. Good thing I am on vacation for a week! I will need it to recover.

well, it's off into the blaze. I have much to write about Buttercup's Hyde Park gig, with notes about Billy Harvey, but they will have to wait. Gotta chug water and slather on the sunscreen in self defense. Irish blood should not have to hang out in the sun!
More on this weekend's insanity soon!

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