Sunday, September 25, 2005

b. harvey, part 2

The hell with this attempt at continiuty; I am just going to write when the mood strikes me. Like right now.
I just drove home from Austin, where I had gone to see Billy Harvey play.He opened for a fellow he used to play with, Bob Scheinder. tonight billy had a fll band with him, a real boon for me, because I had only seen his acoustic set before. I was suitably impressed with the delivery, as well as a couple of new songs they did. I have a strangely written set list in my journal- I will post it in awhile.

I must someday apologise to Bob- I walked out on him. I was not there for him, and honestly, he didn't catch my ear. It wasn't a lack of talent, or even bad songs. It just wasn't anything new in the sea of Austin music. I was still in a billy mood. i got in the car, put on the BH cd called Toast, and cruised down a nearly empty highway back to the stifling arms of SA. I was glad for the peculiar humour and company of bill's music.


Things happen for a reason. At least so we are told. A massive hurricane threatened much of Texas, then turned and left us alone. As a result, where I would have been on Saturday night changed drastically. Del Castillo wasn't playing, so I got to hear someone else, someone who has caught my ear lately. There was no apparent rhyme or reason to this, but it worked out well. I really enjoyed watching the Harvey group, and I didn't have to get overheated to do it! Now I just have to figureout what the reason for having to give up DC for yet another week was, and where bill's music fits into my lifestyle right now.
That could take awhile. I think I will go get a little brain dead before I wrestle with that one.

But I can't wait for the next gig, Billy. Warning- you have a new fan!

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