Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A Cuppa Crown

Buttercup at the Triple Crown, San Marcos, Texas.

Wow. I thought I had worked small places before. This stage was actually smaller than the one at the Pour House in SA. Yet they got all the guys on there, managed to move around and get stuff done! I was impressed.
The Triple Crown is small , but not a bad little venue. I don't know much about the San Marcos music scene- with Austin so close, it is either very competitive or dead. I wasn't too keen on the zydeco played so loud in such a small place, but that's was the porch is for I guess. The band sounded good, especially when I could think between notes! Not every place known to man should be made into a live music venue.
My backyard for instance. I have thought more than once of having a private party with a band, but after the mariachis my neighbours bombarded me with, I thought better of it. Just can't see doing that to the local pets and wildlife- the heck with the people. The wanna-be drummer on the other street needs to take a hint and QUIT. Yikes. Do people just not realize when they have no sense of rhythm? (That might explain some dancers....)

I digress!
and a busy day passes without completing that thought.

Tens of thousands.
that's how many songs I think I must know the lyrics to, and yet I keep finding out there are so many more I do not know at all. A lot of them don't care about, BTU it is surprising how many songs there are out there. Buttercup keeps pulling up all sorts of stuff I don't know by a band I thought I would know: the Kinks. My cousin Bruce in Denver has less than 150 albums, and more than half of them are Kinks. I have gotten my exposure, and still they come up with stuff I don't know. Princess Marina. Very Kinks tune, for some reason beyond mere convenience, I hope (I think!) dedicated to me.....about people who think that image is everything, even in the face of abject poverty. Not sure if that had meaning beyond the surface. I missed it if so....

The presence of a handful of real fans in an otherwise not too welcoming place can change a band's performance completely. BC seemed to thrive on the group of SA fans who came up (the San Antonio Consortium, per Mr. Erik) and they poured it on for several of the early songs. By the time they got to the stuff that needs a quieter setting, the audience was paying attention. I like that. Art is not beyond the average mind. They may need reminding to look up from the day's drudgery, but most will. And they walk away a little different for it.

I am behind schedule!
And pronouce that like the Brits, purely for emphasis.
What have I missed so far......White.
Man, I haven't seen that much white in one spot in a bar in many a year. It was some "no-white-after-Labour -Day" joke I suppose, and the guys wore it well, but it was heck on the flash! Luckily, Buttercup seems to like working in the dark, so this time they just showed up better.
Horns....poor Dale was pulling a double person shift all by self. He did well, especially with no amplification, but in this little place, that would have been suicide!
Music....well, the reason I drove that far, of course! Set list is up on their sight, but the intenseness of the first couple of tunes doesn't show by merely listing songs. cutting daisies was very powerful! There was a little rock star in the air I guess. (probably Danzig. He's short little cuss!)sick Yellow Flower was the strongest I have ever heard it- they took it to a height I wish they could've caught on the CD. Studio never does quite go where live can, though.

I must make apologies for my recalcitrant flash. I missed a couple of really good shots due to what I think was a failing battery.
After too short a time, the Cup vacated the small stage, and once again I was left wanting more. Had to settle for the CD on the drive home.
Thankfully, there will be a next time.

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