Friday, September 02, 2005

Blueberry Hill

Word has it that legend Fats Domino is found and okay. I wonder of the many other entertainers and artists native to New Orleans. It may be some time before we know. Goddess bless that poor city. I don't know how they will ever be able to reclaim it, or make it what it used to be. In a single move, it has changed forever.

Despite soaring gas prices, I am venturing to San Marcos to see Buttercup this evening. I am having to seriously rethink any further driving plans I may have been making. I cannot imagine what Del Castillo is going through; two fully loaded vans and one of them pulling their gear. That has to be a bite in the wallet in the north east. Just take a little longer to get there guys and save by conservation. (Eric, Jason, you listening?) Safe trip. We await you back home.
and poor Patricia and Bobby! They went off on their much anticipated European tour, only to come back to all of this! What a home coming!
It doesn't take much to change everything, does it?

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