Monday, September 26, 2005

a quickie...

I really hate quickies. well, most of them anyway.....
I am so far behind I think I am in front! I have yet another weekend of music travel coming up and I am behind schedule STILL!
Okay here goes:
Buttercup at the San Pedro Playhouse Cellar theatre. I don't think I would've come up with this venue for them, but it ended up being much fun. Only 60 seats, and I used the stage as a footrest part of the time. these guys are going to work at being a little different each time I think. they work at setting moods. I lent them some luminarias to guide the way to the door (it's on the side of the building.) They had a living room lamp on the stage to provide lighting part of the time. No working painter this time. But a wild backdrop on the stage. The set list is up on their sight already, so I will leave most of it to the imagination. the only thing that cannot be represented is Joe trying to play saw. It was good for some laughs, but he finally pulled it off with a mallet from the glock instead of the bow. (The bass player from Billy's band needs to give hima few lesson. I mean, the saw didn't have strings! What's a guitar player to do?)

On the whole a delightful evening, worthy of more words than I have given it here. I was only a little miffed by all the folks there who needed to go outside to chat or smoke, interrupting the progress a little. The guys took it in better stride than I actually. I got tons of pictures, many of them in the true Buttercup spirit. They ar eon my webshots site, and no, they aren't necessarily mistakes. With BC it is hard to tell where mistakes end and art begins.....they are helping me find that part of myself, while giving me a big earful of neat music.

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