Thursday, September 15, 2005


Well, that just smarts! (joking of course..) my guys prefer the road to being home! I am jealous. Out there meeting new fans but getting upset that I go out and find new bands! how double standard of them! ;)

I hear from the antsy one of Del Castillo that the road has been good. They may just not want to come back home if this keeps up! We Texas fans are going to have to prove to them who it is that truly loves them I think. Those others are just fly-by -night fans who turn to other music when the band moves on ( uh-oh! I hear an arguement starting up when they get home....better watch it, or I may have to pay some penance!)

I really do miss DC and cannot wait to celebrate in Waco with the Posse. We are all a little tired of weekends without them, and knowing that others are where we can't be. I think. I know I am.

I am so glad that there are other fans out there, but I bet they understand now why I complain of needing my DC fix. It has been too long as is. I know Joey down in Corpus is going even more nuts. The energy that comes from these six guys is just so addictive. Maybe they should come with a warning label. But where would we stick it?!

(hee hee!)

the 24th cannot come soon enough, my brothers. You are sorely missed down here.


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