Thursday, September 22, 2005

Ravi Shankar....

and his daughter of course. I am writing this one out on paper. Be patient please. I was so amazed at his/their performances, this will be a long one! Let me say this much- AWESOME. The man is 85 and he ran circles around all the other musicians on that stage.

I KNOW I owe others credence at the moment, but I must write about this concert. I will go sit at a coffee house otmorrow and get a lot of this stuff out and up , i promise. Hurricane aside, I will endeavour to make the appropriate comments for all concerned.

I have been listening to Ravi since 1970, and I cannot say how ecstatic I am to have finally been able to see him live. "Concert For Bangladesh" in't a bad way to see him, but....yee gods, I have not been to so moving a gig in a long time, and that includes my beloved Del Castillo.

More in the next day or two.


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