Monday, September 05, 2005

Nothing More

Wow, wait a minute, hold on, this just isn't the way it is supposed to be!
San Antonio has always had a lame music scene, due to competition with Austin.

I just heard yet another band tonight that convinces me SA has come somewhat into its own. They are called Nothing More, and while a Christian band (something I did not expect when I looked at their site- but like I care)(it is about the music after all), I was so impressed I had to sit a few moments and give these kids majour kudos! They are all quite young, but dang what talent. I heard Fripp guitars, Tony Levin fretless bass and drums that would have made Bill Bruford proud! I really thought for a moment there I was listening to the next stage of King Crimson. Wow. How often do you hear of a rock band of any kind with a fretless bass player?! I only caught two and a half songs by these guys and I want to see more. I am lucky- they are local, so that shouldn't prove too tough. Check out their site at I think they are on My space Music too, but haven't looked yet.
I must describe one more thing and I will stop ranting: the drum piece...... I am old hat in this city. I remember Evil Mothers' wild and crazy ending to many shows. They would have all the members playing drums, usually 55 gallon type, and one of them on fire in the center of the stage. It was mesmerizing and scary. I half expected them to light the ceiling of the Rock Showcase on fire!
Now these kids weren't even born, or if they were, they were toddlers.

The drummer pulled the floor tom and snare out, set them up between the two guitarists and they started this wildly inventive conversation. The other two guys were gone! I blink and the two guitar players are gone and the other guys are on stage, with drum sticks. This begins an interplay between the three of them that must be seen to be believed. ANY marching band worth its weight would love to have gotten ahold of these guys. They were in perfect synch through the whole ten minute routine. The movements were strong and decisive and obviously well practiced. I dare say flawless. Absolutely amazing.
And to boot, the music's really good. Strong voices, tremendous guitar work, bass and drums to rival almost any heavier band. Check them out.

I feel bad! I went to the gig to see my son-in-law's band, Brotherhood! Totally different type of music, but I think Nothing More was a pretty hard act to follow.
(Brotherhood actually tore it up big time, though I don't think the same people were in front of the two bands. Very diversified crowd tonight!)
I'm pooped. Gonna go sleep, and tomorrow finish my review of Buttercup's gig.

(OH! before I hang up, have heard from the DC front out there on the East Coast, and they are having a good time. Even had David Bryne in the audience in NYC. they are going to be so bored with us normal people when they come back home.....;)

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