Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Billy Harvey

Okay, I have owed this guy for awhile now, so the CD's on, and here goes.
Doing a one man acoustic set, Billy opened for the Cup up in Austin and I was impressed. Good songwriter with a sense of humour and humanity. Lot like the Cup. I could see the fit.
I bought one of his CDs, the latest in fact, called Pie. He is apparently a Trent Reznor sort, doing almost all the album himself. There are a few bands like that- The The, Aztec Camera, to name a couple that most of you probably don't remember.
He is also a talented producer, using a unique approach. He works with Bob Schneider out of Austin, if you would like to hear more of his work.
Speaking of work, check out the website! I have to look at it at work, because my dial-up system chokes on it. Lots of neat graphics and you can see videos and listen to several songs. Very neat
The music. Well, we go from bouncy pop tunes that will haunt the mind in sleep or waking state, to ballads that could make any drunk cry in his beer, to rocking pieces I cannot wait to see him do live with a band. There's much resemblance to Buttercup in the joyful use of pop hooks in songs that would have fit right into the pop era of the late '60's. But the guy thinks. the little ditty that opens this CD is called Stupid Daniel. I am 99% certain that is based on the movie PI, and with a simple infectious song, he makes a point akin to the beatles' Fool on the Hill.
I really like that.
I am waiting to see him again. I have to admit it took me a song or two to really pay attention, something I kinda regret. Luckily, the man is out there playing a lot, so I will get the chance in the near future.

'Nuff said for now.

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Blueberry said...

That is one crazy website! Really hilarious. Creative! He reminds me of Joel from MST3K, at least on video, not in person.