Saturday, July 31, 2004


Numerology is an ancient art, almost as old as the written word. That we used numbers in some form before we ever put ink or dye to scroll may be very significant.
I have felt very compelled to do such esoteric research on Del Castillo for awhile now, and think I am starting to get a feel for their what and why. I have only recently collected nearly all their birthdates, so the individual reports will take a little longer. It is the combination of them all that fascinates me. When the name Del Castillo is added up through the Pythagorean method, it comes to a 4 on its own. Four is a responsible, practical number: hard working, finding order in chaos, at times perhaps a bit too rigid, even a tad melancholy. I however believe the band to be more than merely a name, so I have added up the members' names and added them to the band name. This becomes a seven.

7 is one of the sacred numbers. It is joined by its brothers 9,11, 13, and 22.

Seven is everywhere in our world: the seven colours of the rainbow, the 7 'c's of the music scale, the 7 chakras, the energy vortices that guide the lifeforce in each of us, the seven sacraments, virtues, and deadly sins. It holds something in our collective thought, and there is good reason.

7 is the number of spirituality. The mystic, the scholar, the philosopher find home in this number, starting to climb the path to enlightenment.
7 is also the number of the eccentric, s/he who lives life from a different perspective, not being willing to be limited to the mundane or predictable. The down side to the number is a tendency toward isolation, being pessimistic and sometimes a bit secretive.

Anyone who has seen this band live or been touched by their music will probably see the correlations to the number swiftly. I was personally not at all surprised. It confirmed what I already felt about these guys: the sum of the parts is not equal to the whole. They are meant to be together and what they can accomplish as a group will go far beyond what any might do alone . Some part of me hates the idea of them going out into the world, because that means I might lose touch with them, or they with those of us they started out with. We have been blessed with being so close to them that even knowing that what they bring to the world must be allowed to be heard by all who will listen does not ease the discomfort of the separation.
I see in these numbers proof that they will keep their feet on the ground, which also means they will come home.
So far in my calculations of each individual in the band, there has been a striking predominance of the sacred numbers, especially eleven and seven. When I feel I have gone far enough in, I will put some of it here, though not all. There is a certain level of privacy to be respected, and I can say whole heartedly that if nothing else, I respect this group.

more later, and in the meantime, Happy Blue Moon!

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