Friday, July 09, 2004

So proud!

I am so tickled for these guys. They are getting more exposure tonight, in the form of being on a BBC program on public radio. Chances are not good for my hearing it, but once again, I will be there in spirit. I do not know if this gig is a live feed, a recorded something or what, but it is further flaunting for the band. Fluff those feathers up, guys!

I have been too busy to think about it, but with another show looming on the horizon, I find myself getting a little antsy. It will be nearly a month between shows for me. i have to wonder how I will act when it has been a couple! more later -busy weekend with my son-in-law's band, Brotherhood. (heavy metal- pass the earplugs please!)

Thanks to the band's manager and website, I did get to hear the
interview. Not nearly long enough for those of us who know them, but a good piece to peak interest in new comers. Fun too.

and, Alex, you and I need to talk.

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