Sunday, July 25, 2004

It seems a dream from here.



I have to say it again.


I drove to Houston today to take my cousin Brian and his wife Jill out to see this band o' bands I keep expounding on. I thought I had seen Del Castillo at their best. They proved there are always new avenues to explore, even when one of them isn't feeling well. I had the momentary thought during the performance that perhaps it is truimph over, or through, adversity. I remember a night at Antone's in Austin many months back where one of them was under the weather and the show just soared then too. As great as that one was ( I call it Rick's two foot night- the only time I have seen him get both feet off the ground during a solo!) this one made it pale so far I do not think I can make anything I put down here come even close. My fairly sedate cousins were blown away. They had been impressed by the CDs and I suspect that, like myself, they will now feel that, as good as the recordings are, they just will not compare to the power of this band live. Brian told me as they went home to let their 6 month old puppy out that anytime DC plays in Houston or within a two hundred mile radius, they will do what they can to be there. See?! It isn't just me!!  ;)
Emphasis cannot be made strongly enough that, should they come anywhere near your town, you should go see this band live. They can pull almost any group of people into their music. It is just amazing to watch, which I got to do for about half the set tonight. I was standing up on the balcony with mes cousins and all these people who had come to see the ska band due to go on after DC were dancing and just mesmerized by what was going on up there. Those of us who are fanatics and go silly distances to bask in the celebration of life and love and music with this group understand the draw. It is so positive, so vital, so intense that it is more addictive than any drug known to man. They are an astounding vessel for true connected-ness to God that most people search for all their lives, and they do it without preaching or trying to convert anyone to any way of thought. It comes down to Namaste.

I will explain: the word "namaste" is a greeting used in Tibet and parts of India. To an outsider it may seem like an aloha sort of thing, meaning may things and used casually, but that is not the case. Author Leo Buscalia once defined the word, so that his audience would understand his beginning and ending his appearances with it. His definition was this:

I honour that place in you wherein meets Heaven and Earth. I honour that place in you wherein lies your peace, your hope, your love, your uniqueness. I honour that place in you where, if you are there, and I am there, there is only one of us.

Place the palms of the hands together (connection to the One), directly in front of the face (equality of all things), and speak it from the heart.

Pretty neat, eh?

I always liked Leo. A happy soul. And so are the guys in DC. I carry their joyfullness with me all the time now. It makes me smile at odd moments, often when things seem to be at their worst.
May you get to experience it too.

Hmm......the sun is rising. I drove all the way home again tonight. Now the Cocteau Twins lullaby me to slumber. I will go to sleep with strains of Rio Mysticos sliding around in my head.
And dream of the next time I will get to celebrate with Del Castillo.

Take care of yourselves, my brothers. Spread the word to the world, but come home safe and sound.

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Anonymous said...

wow-- you have a great way of putting it all into words-- i love what you have to say about the magic of del castillo!