Friday, July 23, 2004

heavy sigh

My lower lip quivers now and then.

My eyes tear up a bit, and a sniffle escapes.

The bad thing is, I can't tell if is happiness or sadness...probably a mixture of both.

The tour dates are up, and I am happy for them. Del Castillo that is. I knew, as did all the longtime fans, that this would, had to, come. Something like this just shouldn't be kept a secret.
I worry what the world out there might do to the band and music I love so much. In that way, I am a little scared for them. I have seen what it can do. I feel they are stronger as  a band and as people than many I have gotten to know and seen fall. I will have to leave that in the hands of the One I suppose.

Just don't forget to come home guys. Your family, all versions of it, will be waiting for you.

And we love you.

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