Saturday, July 03, 2004

Happy 4th

Well, for most anyway. I personally am a bit mopey. I will not be in Fort Worth tomorrow to be with DC as they storm the Willie Nelson 4th of July party. For those who don't know about this event, Willie Nelson is a long time Texas son who has made a fairly regular habit of holding a party on the 4th somewhere in the state. It used to be in small places like Luckenbach (pop. 25 at the best of times), but over the years it has grown to be too big for many of the spots he used to put it together. And it used to be exclusively country music, which it no longer is. It IS, however, still TEXAS music. It is always held outdoors, so there can be a fireworks display at the end of the night, and that is the main reason I will not be there. Texas sucks big time in the summer. Temps in Ft Worth are not supposed to be too bad, but combined with the recent rains will feel like over 97 degrees Farenheit. Not exactly egg frying time, but too damned close for this little hothouse flower. I have learned my limitations in this state the hard way. Even using 45 SPF sunblock, hats, parasols, drinking enough water to fill the Rio Grande, and finding or making shade when I can isn't enough. Heat prostration is not fun, people.

So I will mope, and play the DVD at the right time, and hang out with some friends in some air conditioned building somewhere. Ironically, my buddy Casey has been called by a friend in Killeen who wants to meet in Austin for the day. I suppose it is some sort of switch off the gods find funny.....

I guess I will be okay. It's only another week or so til I can get to see them again. But pardon me if I go off now to suck my thumb and do another shot of vodka. It has taken everything I have to not leave for Ft Worth tonight. Including getting legally drunk.

I think this may qualify me as truly nuts....about this band anyway.

And any of you folks who want to come to this State o' Texas, don't do it in the summer. Too many tourists do not heed the warnings about the heat, and we really prefer to leave you with a positive picture of the place.

I hope someone thinks to cheer for me a little tomorrow.
And get better soon Willie.
Texas will not know what to do without you.


Just as well I didn't try to drive to Ft Worth. Had majour car trouble on the way back from Austin. I would have ended up not making it there or back or such and it just would not have been the right ending. It isn't particularly good now, but I am at least less disappointed than if I had gotten half way there and still missed it.....

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