Saturday, July 17, 2004

Del Castillo Live

You can watch the DVD. You can listen to the CDs all you want. There is nothing like seeing these guys live. Just saw them again last evening in Austin, and it was brought home in full force to me.
I have it from a good source that Del Castillo will finally hit the road next month. I do not know yet with whom, or where they will be going precisely; it's all being kept hush-hush for some reason, probably until things are finalized. Keep an eye on their websight. I am certain it will be put out there as soon as they know for sure. And do NOT miss them. Those who have not had the blessing of sharing time with these guys are in for a treat.

(Oh yeah. I took the sideways shots off my site, because I have opened up that online webshots thing. More space for writing now.)

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