Thursday, July 08, 2004

Way to go John Kay!

For those who do not know , John Kay, founder,lead singer, and main songwriter for Steppenwolf, turned down what was probably a lot of money. He said no to that ugly-ass spoiled brat on some show called The Simple Life(?) I do not watch that kind of crap, hell, don't watch much TV at all, but I heard about this on the news. She is apparently one of those females who takes that arrogant BS on the L'Oreal ads ("and I'm worth it")way too seriously. She had contacted Mr. Kay about using the classic rock anthem "Born To Be Wild" as her personal tune on the show, and HE TURNED HER DOWN!!!!
Said there were just some things a person should not do. Yee Ha! Way to go buddy boy. NEVER let anyone exploit your music to such an extent that you have trouble looking yourself in the mirror. Anything that special to most of your fans should be shown respect by the one who made it. Any artist can tell you, sometimes the thing you create outgrows you and becomes something more. It is wise to listen carefully and honour those who have helped be more than it started out as.

A serious round of applause for Mr. John Kay!

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