Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Oh, I am not going to do well.

It hasn't even truly started yet and I am finding myself a mopey mess. DC played a couple of private gigs this last weekend, and there has been some vague talk about one of the gigs on the message board.  It was all I could do to not get mean about it and accuse the guy of bragging about being there. How am I going to behave when they are out there playing for the world?!

Yipes. I scare myself.

I must really agree with one gal on the board though- Antone's on the 16th was amazing.
I counted them up recently, and I have been to over a dozen gigs by this band in less than six months. This last one was astounding. There was just some fire in them that was new, different, inspired. Everyone in that band stretched out and found new places to go with music they have played over and over for two years now.  I was worn out more than usual, and yet so wired I couldn't sleep until I had been home (an hour and  a half away) for at least two hours.

Toumai did so well that night too. I cannot give them enough praise. Those fellows have  got a good long road ahead of them. Should you get the chance, go see them.  I would be stumbling all over myself trying to figure out who to talk about in the band first. I am a bassist, so of course I notice Dave:  a Jaco student, like myself. 
Drummer Leroy is an amazing innovator who goes beyond mere drumming. I told him I would put him in the same class as, first, Mike Zeoli, and second, Bill Bruford. He's that good.
Greg....cannot begin to tell you the soul this guy has got.  It all djust seems to flow for him. Hearing is believing, trust me.
And Gabe. Strong voice, great delivery and growing as the front guy quickly. It is no fun being up front and having to represent the whole band with only a mike in front of you. He was nervous the first time I saw them, but is turning into an excellent showman.

On the whole Toumai is worth the time to go catch. I am working to get them to San Antonio, and hope to hear of them playing more anywhere they can. Much much potential there.

It's really late, yet again, and I was late to work this morning as is. Laters!

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