Wednesday, August 04, 2004

and so it begins...

I don't know for a fact when the guys in DC and their crew are leaving town, but if they are driving, I know enough about this nation's highways to know what they should do to be rested when they get to Des Moines. I dare say my mind will be on their travels for much of the next couple of weeks. And I do not envy them. I love to travel but sitting in the car 8-12 hours a day gets old really fast. Hopefully, they all read and have books or whatever to keep the time occupied. I know they have pillows to sleep with- I made them, along with my "daughter" Medrith. She has the working sewing machine.

God speed gentlemen. I hope to hear of good things when you get home, and maybe if we are lucky, people out there who discover your music will give us here in Texas updates.


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