Saturday, August 21, 2004

Thank You- a prayer

My boys were home last night for a quick evening. I had not known it until last night, but August 20, 2001 is their official formation date. A huge Happy anniversary guys!

And pardon my possessiveness. I know darn well I am not alone in this, just maybe one of the nuttier ones. I met quite a few folks last night who are as dedicated, and got to hang out with even more I already knew. The family is growing daily but still feels pretty small- it is the level you end up relating on that matters.

I came on here today to make some points I had failed to in the past. Thank yous are in order for a lot of people, not just the group of musicians, so here goes.

Thank you Dave, Gary, Cayle, Raul, and Steve for taking such tremendous care of these guys. I have done the work you are doing and know how stressful it can get. Everyone of you looked happy and excited, which is a great sign.

Thank you Uncle Wayne, for giving two bright eyed boys a love of the feel and sound of the guitar. Your gift to them, and subsequently to us through them, is immeasurable. I see in your eyes what I know will be in both Rick's and Mark's for many years to come.

Thank you to all the band wives, girlfriends, partners, and above all, children. It is hard to have a spouse gone for long periods, and even harder to have to hear Daddy say goodnight over the phone. I know- I am a military brat. These are not war times for DC, but the feelings that can be generated can come quite close. Your patience in letting the world have a part of your partner's time is courageous and never appreciated enough. It shows they have chosen, or been chosen by you, well. I have seen enough of these guys to know those eyes turn back toward home a lot, even on this, their first tour. And they look toward you when they do so.

Thank you to the Creator, for putting these six guys and their loved ones together in the right order at the right time on this earth. A greater voice for your own Glory I have not heard in many a year. It has touched my life deeply and I cannot imagine now living in a world without it.They are here to do your work in their own way. I hope you will continue to give them the strength of conviction and gentleness of soul to do exactly what they desire to. And always bring them home safe and sound please. A lot of other folks love them too.


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Anonymous said...

again, jazz, you said it so well! your post brough tears to my eyes. phil and i were just talking about that same thing over lunch. candy said hi last night and asked me how my students were doing. (what a sweet family-- i am always amazed when people take time to remember details about people they don't klnow that well.) anyway, i asked her about her class,too, and how the first week had been for her. she was very upbeat as always, and told me a little about their son's daycare,too.

but it really hit me today when phil and i were talking. i thought about how exhausted and overwhelmed i was this first week back at school, then i thought about candy. this was not only her first week back at school, but her first time to put the baby in daycare, and she had to do all of this with mark on tour.

her generosity to share him with the world is incredible! it takes a truly caring person to show that kind of support for her husband, and i admire her for that. and it is obvious that he loves and appreciates her for that,too. which is such a sweet sight to see.

let's hear it for all of the good people who love, support, and nurture DC!