Monday, August 09, 2004

I think it's true

I am sitting here laughing all by myself. The reason is that it is raining in Tucson. For those who have never been to this hellishly hot place, rain is a rarity. So what's different enough today?

I think Del Castillo rolled into town.

They are due to play there with Ozomalti tomorrow.

You see, I have noted this unusual Trend when DC plays. It can rain before they go on, but not so much as to interfere with load in. It can rain shortly afterwards, but usually only after there was enough time for the band to get out of the club and safely to wherever. It can threaten all day, but just before the gig, everything will clear up. It has been a bizarre series of coincidences over the last year that just started falling into a discernible pattern. Only one night did I see one of them entreat the gods to give us a little rain, or just a little breeze, when it was particularly hot in Austin, to no avail. I suppose it is too hard to concentrate on both playing their incredible music and getting the weather to do what they want.

And now it is raining in the desert. I doubt that anyone out there will come close to connecting the two events. I just happen to have seen it before. I swear these guys are shamans in hiding.

Ah well, it is all inconsequential I guess. The band will realise too late that all they are doing is adding to a normally very low humidity level, which can make the heat just a little worse......of course the weather out there calls for rain everyday for at least a couple in a row, even more unusual out there. Hell, in Albequerque, the rain doesn't even hit the ground most of the time! It evaporates before it can land. You can actually watch this happening! And here in the desert, just in time for a bunch of guys from Texas to roll into town, all things which were normal go haywire.

I think that says something more for the band. They are truly unusual. I wonder if when they tour in the northern states in late fall or such if there will be unseasonably warm or snowless days? If this rain follows them home along IH 10, I will KNOW something's going on!

Just a little observation during some dry days for us DC fans in Tejas. ;)

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