Friday, August 27, 2004

Ah Ha!

I am not one for movies ( oh horrors! How does she live without constant mindless media input?!) (pardon the sarcasm, but I really don't get it.) so the fact I actually rented BOTH Kill Bill movies says something for the state of television this week. An hour a day of decent programming would keep me from the rental place, but,well, I don't get the big deal about sports either. The Olympics are just another political vehicle today, so why bother, and anyway, how much can one watch in an evening?
The main reason I rented either of these movies was, of course, Del Castillo. Imagine my surprise when I flip over first thing to watch the Chingon performance only to see a gig I was at!
The famous Antone's in Austin was host to Bruce Willis' band earlier this year and DC opened.
Chingon did a set too, and a good portion of the time there was a damned camera in the way. I and my buddy Casey barely saw the stage at all. To top it off, between Bruce Willis' "people" and Robert Rodriguez' "people", there was so much activity on the floor that I was beyond distracted during the gig. I actually got angry a couple of times due to the dumbass wanna-be floor show. So few people gave a damn that anything was going on on the stage. The guys in DC were fired up due to the celebrity of the evening, but frankly it was a terrible night from a fan's POV. I personally despise Hollywierd and all its fakeness, and Austin was hip deep in it that night. Due to Casey being ill, I didn't get to stay for Bruce Willis or the jam session, but I really didn't care. I was so fed up with the crowd by the time Chingon got done, it was no burden to leave.

Now, for those who weren't there, fear not. The end of this diatribe 'o mine is the fact that the footage tooted as being from the LA premiere of KillBill Vol. 2 isn't. There are pictures of Tarantino jamming to what I can tell is DC (probably out in LA) interlaced with the clean, clear footage of Chingon playing, but I know that room. Hell, I recognised the bloody exit sign over Rick's head in the early shots. The backdrop that says Antone's barely shows for a split second, but it is there.
And I was too, so I can swear to the situation. You are actually watching Del Castillo perform in Austin! They filmed a lot of DC's own set; I keep wondering if there might be another vid soon(hint hint, guys!) If it is as clean as the stuff with Rodriguez, it would make for a tremendous follow-up to the live DVD. I was just kind of tickled, because I finally got to SEE the performance. It was good; always is with these guys. It just wasn't much fun for someone who really wanted to watch the BAND, not the supposed bigwigs up in the VIP section. I am surprised the EMS folks weren't called out for all the sprained necks craning to get a view of this or that celeb. Hell, I think half of them probably walked past me, and I didn't know them from the chicks trying to get to the one restroom..... Could have cared less too.

I have to wonder how many people later on down the line, when Del Castillo becomes that household word I wrote of back at the beginning of this blog, will go "I saw them at Bruce Willis."
when in fact they barely noticed there was a band playing at all. I think they could have rolled the video and most folks would've taken more notice. At least I know from talking to some people, and watchingthat blasted crowd upstairs, that Willis himself watched Del Castillo and Chingon. I can appreciate his taste in music from that alone.

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