Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The Future?

Tonight is the Latin Grammy Awards show. I know from past contact with the music industry that the whole Grammys thing is really political, and based on sales more than actual talent. Looking at the list of people who are up for awards, many of whom are from other countries and completely unheard of in the US, I have to wonder if American- born latin based groups get a fair shake in the running. I mean, groups like Los Lonely Boys or Santana get noticed in the regular grammys and I sort of wonder if, due to that, they get less attention in the Latin ones.

I could be talking out my ear, of course.

I am, of course, daydreaming about the future and seeing those shining Del Castillo faces on that stage. I detest the fact the sales directly effect whether or not one can get nominated, but it is a business, so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. That almighty dinero, after all, speaks loudly to most people.
I just would like a way for a larger chunk of the public to hear what these guys can do. One song done on a national show would change everything for them. Our local (in state) show apparently thinks they play the wrong kind of music ( I won't name names here, but I am really PO-ed with this particular show for their lack of insight. Not Texas music, my butt!)
Then again, there are good arguements for going up the ladder a little slower, through a grass-roots method. There is nothing like seeing these guys live, and I cannot say how a performance on TV, a hundred yards away from the audience, might affect perception of them. It would be a challenge to the band, yes, but not necessarily a good step to take yet. Let more folks hear of them by happenstance, get the buzz going, and then put them out to the more generalized public.

I'm just shooting the breeze with myself this morning. If this all starts to happen in the next six months, I may end up shooting myself in the foot. It was a tough month, knowing they were out there with all those new people. Strange case of envy on my part. I would've been at every gig if I had had the ability. Silly thing, ain't I?

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