Saturday, September 25, 2004

The Way To a Band's Heart....

is by all appearances through their stomachs!

DC played an absolutely AMAZING set in San Antonio last night, Just on Fire! Surprisingly the fire marshall did not try to close down the show, despite people dancing in the aisles and the extreme heat being produced onstage. I would like to think I maybe had a little bit to do with it, having fueled them up with a homemade supper beforehand. If there is any evidence to it, this group should eat more spinach before going on! ( It was Indian food, specifically saag paneer, which is spinach with homemade cheese.) Of course, they have done powerful sets before without my know ing what they ate beforehand, so I am just speculating....
The brownies someone brought them didn't seem to hurt either!

See, there ya go- feed your band and they will play better! ;)

and kudos to Alex for quick thinking when the mike went out. That was truly the level of professionalism in this band- the show continues without fail! Mark was a little surprised I think, but if Phil got a good shot of the event, it will make for a neat memory. (after a few moments thought when his wireless mike stopped working, Lobo grabbed Mark's, swinging it out enough to use it, then sharing it with Mark during the chorus. It was a great way to solve a momentary problem and not stop the show.)
Oh yeah , and someone complain to Sam's about the chairs! It is hard as heck to sit still at a Del Castillo gig and they took away all our dancing room! The place was as full as I have ever seen it, which was SO cool, considering that last time everyone stayed home for the Spurs playoff game.
The place was hopping last night! Local jazz interp band Sexto Sol opened up, out for the first time in many months. Man, they were HOT! Mike's being out on active duty for the Army hasn't taken a thing from them. They have even had time to mix down a live CD, so if you are local enough to find it, check these guys out. Tremendous band. Very Return To Forever.

Well, I need to go do some non-food related errands, so more later.


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Anonymous said...

hey, jazz--
they seemed SO happy with your generosity and your wonderful food. you are such a sweetheart, and i can tell that they all love you!

heh-you are right about the chairs. i was telling mark that dancing in a chair was weird, and that i felt like i was on that aerobic show for people in wheelchairs called "sit and be fit." he said, "hmmm....chair dancing...i dunno...." and gave a smirk. ;)

gods, what a wonderful time-- it was SO nice to have a chance to chat with the band a bit-- they are all just sweet as peaches, and hilarious, too. i hope we get the chance to hang out with them more often.

phil was a teeny bit startled that several of the guys hugged him-- he's not used to that kind of affection from other men, but he thought it was very friendly of them. we were both cracking up at all of the stories they were telling! i'm glad we are getting over the starstruck muteness that we had before around the band. it is nice to get to know them a little better!

i'll be "talkin' to ya" soon,