Friday, October 15, 2004


Well, message went up on the band's board that has sent many of their fans into a tizzy of ticket buying. I think Vallejo best be prepared for an onslaught of DC fans in Dallas Nov 6th.

On a personal note I find myself wanting to distance myself from all this, because it is going to change, and while I am merely a fan now as it is, it will get worse in the not so distant future.
Oh yeah! Why? There is a recording company interested in signing DC. I am stoked for the band, but not so much for me. As I have said here before, I am an addict, and I see the centre piece of that addiction drawing away from me. I mean, when you've had Godiva dark chocolate (band live at many venues over many months), why the hell would you want to go back to M & M's (DVD, CDs and memories)?! I daresay a heroin junkie might have it easier trying to give it up. He wants desperately to get out of it; I just want to go back! (I jest, of course. Lost a number of friends to drugs as a kid. I will keep my measly little music addiction.)

Ah well. It has been a great thing, and I still have a few months of this reverie to bask in. It's just that, well, you know that ice cream is going to come to an end, and you know the movie will eventually run into the credits, but there are just events in your life you would really like to see become part of what and who you are. Maybe, if they did, you might have a tendancy to see them as mundane and forgettable. With Del Castillo, that would be criminal. I just have trouble imagining being in a venue so big that I might as well have stayed at home and watched the DVD. There is an intimancy to the music in this band that doesn't do so well for me when they are thirty feet away. Not thatI want to be tying someone's shoelaces for him(!) but the family of people around them, some of whom are becoming friends, understands what I mean. This is not some pop sensation band, some drop in the bucket, one-hit-wonder sort of group. They mean a great deal to us, as does the experience of being with them in concert. A 45 minute set where I have to use my opera glasses ( yes, I have a set of opera glasses....) to even be able to bee the expressions on their faces,......well......part of me hopes it never comes to that. '

It's all very selfish in the end, or it sounds that way. I don't mean it to. I love this band dearly, and will continue to help spread the word for a longtime to come. I am just not always real fond of the changes.

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