Thursday, August 19, 2004

Aging sucks

One is supposed to change one's point of view of the world and its possible pasttimes as one ages, but the mind doesn't always want to co-operate. Point in order was the time I spent the other evening with my step-brother's band. Dave is the drummer for metal heavies Machine Head, and while I am not the biggest metal fan in the world, I really like these guys. No really! It isn't just about family, though I have been lucky in that respect. Those who are semi or professional musicians in my family have all been quality ones; even those who couldn't bring themselves to follow the less-than-practical line of artist are actually very talented. We were just raised to be responsible first, dreamers second. Obviously I leaked over the sides of the mold a bit....

I went out to see Machine Head with a little trepidation, in part because I have to up at 5 AM these days for work. I forgot all about it of course once I saw the guys and got to talking and then watching their highly intense performance at the White Rabbit here in S.A. They were really revved up by the audience singing along on so many tunes, and despite the tremendous heat in this reknowned sweat pit of a club, MH tore it up. Their latest CD, "Through The Ashes of Empires" is just amazing. They have never been tighter or more powerful as a group. And I cannot brag on them enough. I told my brother that he was probably the most graceful drummer I have ever seen. I had the chance to really watch his performance and was struck by the flow of his playing. Most metal drummers pound and/or flail; there is no subtlety or finesse to the motions. Dave puts something more in to the playing, which is no small feat. He plays double kick, and I mean two DRUMS, not just two pedals. Powerful drummer on a huge impressive kit.(thank you Pearl for taking good care of him!)

My whole point in this entry was actually to moan about the passing of some of my endurance. Used to be a day when I could work all day, go to a gig in Austin, drive home, sleep maybe an hour or two and work again the next day without flinching. You just can't go back to being 25 I guess. I still do better than many folks, but I am having to pace myself more and it sucks. I can only hope this merely means I am out of practice.
I am only a little older than the guys in Dave's band. I felt like a grandmother in the audience, save for the fact that I could still headbang with the best of them. Of course, I scarfed a couple of Aleve in the AM, but hey, not bad for an old hippie. I think I am starting to understand that sometimes wistful look in older peoples' eyes. They remember when they had my kind of energy, or could walk without pain, or what have you. One sometimes thinks 'if I only had known then what I know now.' I suspect if I had, I wouldn't have done what I did, and thus wouldn't have had then fun I had. It isn't over, but it has slowed down. I just hope I don't have that wistful look quite yet.

(hopefully better entry soon. Del Castllo comes home for one night this weekend. I wonder if they will share stories about their adventures with us. I have missed them, and wondered long and hard, mostly out of selfishness. What will the weekend bring me?)

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