Saturday, October 01, 2005

(shh...whisper this!)

(not to dis anyone I have been talking about lately, but this weekend is special....I get to finally see my Boys again. It has been way too long. that is unless they cancel due to sunshine again.....
in all fairness that was Phil's idea. I just think it really funny. They did the right thing in being cautious, but it was such a drag to have perfect days and know that we still weren't going to get to see the Boys. They probably appreciated some down time at home with wives and kids though. I know the kids have missed their daddies. I don't have to ask about that.
I have been having so much fun finding new music out there, yet I haven't forgotten why I got started looking around out there again, and it is Del Castillo. They are special, and they have lead me to others of similar ilk. But I can only spread myself so thin, and this weekend is for DC- first putting out fliers for the Floore's gig, and then in the park in Sunday in San Marcos.
don't fear my new found band friends- I will be back. they still have a lot of time on the road, and I have found such lovely things to fill the time with. Someday I hope to get DC to hear some of you. )

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