Sunday, October 09, 2005

My thumb hurts!

DC is in Lubbock, or was last night ( I forget the time! ) Brotherhood played down at the Rabbit here in town. Me? I was in Austin, yet again. Last night it was Salim. Couple of nights ago I got a late wild hair and went up to see Billy Harvey and band at the Saxon pub. Last night, it was Billy, a fellow named John Goudie, and Buttercup. I haven't seen BC in WEEKS it seems. It was just too much fun and way too short a set. I am looking forward to Grackle Mundy bigtime!
My thumb is complaining to me because of Odie! Well, okay, not because of him but what he gave me! The last song they did had some heavy tambourine in it and he handed it off to me when he had to start playing bass. I had a blast playing along, but OW! It was made for a drum kit and the screws that hold on the chimes left a minour imprint on my Mound of Venus! (Oh cut that out! It's the pad at the base of the thumb! Go read a chiromancy book! Scheez....)

Seriously, everyone was in a rockstar mood tonight! John Goudie's band got the crowd coming in from the Willie Nelson gig outside all fired up. (this was at the venue in Austin called Stubb's. There is an outdoor arena, and also a stage inside. Not a bad little club, but the inside acoustics are questionable!) I liked what I heard, wouldn't walk out on them at a club, but I was there for other reasons. I was delighted that Billy's band was with him again. I have come to like them a lot. they work well with his music, and yet kind of draw him out too. He has a lot more rockstar in him than I think he wants to admit. Donny Wynn had been with Goudie's band, but also played with Billy. Kudos for the double shot tonight, Don!
Billy and co. Pulled one on me the other night by revamping a couple of tunes. They funked up Piggyback Ride, and ganga-ed Frozen Through! the changes were enough I had trouble singing along! The new versions are neat though, and the audience last night knew enough of his stuff to appreciate the dry humour. He also did a song I had heard at Threadgill's and know to be new. I call it Go, because I don't have a title
yet. I wrote down most of the set list at Threadgill's and made up what I didn't know. Until further notice, it's called Go. Nice tune. I am waiting to hear what he does with it for his next CD.

And then there was Buttercup. Dang I didn't realize how much I had missed them! It was almost as bad as going to see DC after they have been on the road for months. And the guys were just charged for some reason. They started off with Egypt and a couple of others that require tight harmonies. Then they decided to just kick it in the nuts! I do not think I have ever seen them get quite so volatile. They have let loose for a song or two on occassion but this was just out and out rock and roll! Ww-ooow. Coolness! I hope I got a few good shots of this more intense gig, 'cos come Mundy, I don't that anyone would believe me!

New songs for both BH and BC and they are driving me crazy making me wait! I keep asking after new CDs. I think Buttercup will beat Billy, but I could be wrong. he's got a lot of material already. Right person just needs to push him a little I think.
If I lived in Austin, I suspect it would be me.As it is, I will keep after Buttercup. (These people are going to hate me by year's end! ;)

It is horribly late, I'm home from Austin but too wired to sleep, so I will go do more writing or drawing or whatever. And plot my menu for the Grackle Mundy dinner I am helping out with! You got to admit, a band encouraging the audience to be part of a dinner party is pretty neat. But I am really glad I have Monday off, so I can get the cooking done!

more later, and remember: Keep San Antonio Lame!


Anonymous said...
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delphine said...

Hello Jazz!!! Delphine here! I love your writing, been sucking it in for the last hour!!! Really like your poetry...a bit similar to what I do. I love being excited by words, it is rare for me...poetry is so often boring.
I guess next time i see you we'll be able to talk about Costa Rica and where ever else, I traveled a lot and would be delighted to share my experience with you.
hey, don't get so melancholic, we love you!!! even tough it is giving us some sweet prose.
later Lady,
great pics too!!

PJD said...

Thank you very much, Delphin, all the way around. Maybe a cup of cafe or such some evening?
I am bipolar, so melancholy is part of it. And true joy is hard to catch in words; they fall short. I have been trying since I was young.
Until next time! Namaaste.

delphine said...

Hey lady Jazz,
What do you know!! i am bipolar too!! I understand the difficulty to express true joy, always like to write about pain!!!
hey my email is, write to me there!!