Tuesday, October 18, 2005

it's still too far away but....

April 2006, Austin Texas sees the greatest street insanity in recording history. Yes, folks, I said recordING history. The arrival of Del Castillo's long awaited third CD will cause joyful panic and insane rapture in the streets!

I'm guaranteeing this- 'cos I'm startin' it!


(figured I would get a jump start on the nut cases- I'm probably crazier than all of them anyway!)

In all seriousness, I expect one hell of a huge release party in at least that city if not SA and Houston and Dallas and well...anywhere else they have made fans already.
Wow- wouldn't that be cool! A CD release TOUR. Just the big places though.
Granada, Paramount, San Antonio's Majestic Theatre..... NOW we're talking party.

I am just glad to hear they are finally getting this Cd done. I know they probably have enough material for another one already, but I will take what I can get. It has been too long in the making for most of us rabid fans. And - Doug! You better come to Austin for this! We gotta jam again!



Winthrop J. Quiggy said...

Typical selfish attitude. Why only the big places? I don't know if you know it or not, but the San Marcos concert a few weeks ago drew one of the biggest crowds ever to City Park. (which I reveiwed on my blog, maybe not very eloquently...). Sure, many of those pobably came from outside the city limits, but to imagine that only big city crowds are worthy of an appearance of these guys is pretty selfish. Share the experience, I say. No offense. :-)


PJD said...

Oh for heaven sakes. lighten up! I meant the huge venues the guys have been so tickled to get to play! I am excited about a new Cd period- it as been way too long in the making. I haven't got any real idea where they are going to celebrate, when or how. It could be LA or NYC, and then we'd all be unhappy, wouldn't we. as a nutcase who has put over 25,000 miles on her car to follow this group, you think I am gonna flinch about going if they decide to play Abilene?! Heck no. I would just start playing it months in advance!
I have a quirky sense of humour and I think you misread me here. They will play where they see fit, and, me? Well, I have gone long distances before, and will again. I am just ecstatic for them, hat's all.