Friday, October 28, 2005


He complained tonight that he has never had a review of his latest CD, Pie, so I will have to compose something. It's on I-Tunes now, too, if you want to listen. Trust me, it's worth it. The guy is an amazing songwriter. He played a new one (sorry my notes are out in the car at the moment...,) brand new out of the box still in the wrapper new tonight, and I was really moved. His playing is just growing by leaps. He seems to have stretched out a little further every time I see him. It just makes me choke to think that this talent could go unheard, when crap gets to the top of the charts.
He said someone reviewed his stuff on Itunes and made him cry! Something about "he'll never make it- he's too good."

People, speaking from the heart here, it doesn't have to be Billy, he has a legion of fans at the moment, but get out there, find a group or performer that moves you like this guy gets to me and put him/her/them on a pedestal. Okay, well maybe not, but get out there and support your local musicians, dang it! Especially in Austin, where gigs are hard to come by and it is easy to get lost against the basic background noise. True success is measured by how you are remembered, and a lot of these folks deserve to be known. Met a new one tonight, as a matter of fact- Mike Rosenthal. I'll write more on him later.
My point is that the big record companies play only to what can sell the most merch. It is up to us, the REAL listeners in the world, to make certan to hear as much as we can by those the corporates will ignore, and pass on as much as we can. Again, it's all about finding the treasure by looking a little closer. Or listening, in this case.


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