Monday, October 03, 2005

the Round Up Got Rattled!

Okay, the first surprise was to find out that the thing in San Marcos was some kind of highschool reunion/fund raiser. Took me back a few steps. Then Emilio- yes, THAT Emilio- played BEFORE DC....
Alright. I can put up with two strikes.... I was waiting to see if anyone in the band had gotten a facial tattoo or piercing! (roadies don't count Eric! I expect it out of you!)
In all seriousness, it was a neat gig, and very well received by the locals as well as the loonies like me who traveled distance just for DC. The Guys must miss their Texas crowds, 'cos they just poured it on and then pushed a little further for the encore. They have always wowwed me, reminding me why I have become so willingly involved in their world after vowing to never do that again with any band.
I watch fingers FLY over fret boards, I hear percussion and bass lending both support and encouragement, and Alejandro's vocals soaring over all of it and I just know.
I know it is possible for the Voice of the One to speak through us, as we are merely parts of a much greater thing than any of us can singularly put to words. We have to come together in peace, and love, and in doing so, we find that place in each of us that belongs to everything else. From there, from that hidden point of Light in each of us, comes the vibrations that make groups and composers like Del Castillo so astounding. And they don't just tap into each other- they tap into us too. And we into them. That is where the joy of their music comes from- complete belonging, to each other, to ourselves, to the the One.

No details this time. It gets redundant. The power, the depth, the joy and the music must be experienced to be understood. My hope is that day by day, more will join us, and together we might start healing our fragile world.

I truly believe music has that power, and Del Castillo is one of its finest messengers.

NAMASTE- and Sai Ram, my brothers.

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