Friday, October 21, 2005


Okay folks...well, I never thought I would have to worry about this, but think it might be time.
This Is A Blog- an online journal, a place to scream out my joy and gnash my teeth in frustration. It is not a solicited sales pitch for any one or thing, save my own POV (point of view). I do not directly speak for any of the bands that I write about here, nor do any of them EVER directly ask me to write anything about them here. I only recently became aware that there were a fair number of people reading this thing. I'm still not sure why.....

Anyway, please know that I have a queer sense of humour and a lot of opinions, and I am working off steam, good or bad, here. I have written for a couple of music rags and published my own back in the DIY '80s. I just can't seem to get the diatribe about music out of my world! But I do not speak for anyone else, though I hope I speak eloquently enough to encourage others to listen to what I've found, and maybe go do some exploring for themselves. There are so many artists of extraordinary caliber out there.....the record companies only feed us what is sellable. It is up to us to find, and treasure those beings out there not loud enough or slick enough for the big labels.

And I hope that doesn't insult any of the bands I have written about. I do think you are worth much, or I would not spend my time talking about you. And traveling insane miles to see you. And plying your music to others from all corners of the world. Nothing moves me so much as music, nothing else can lift me and carry me away from this world's insanity as does music. Nothing touches my soul as does music, and all of you must have touched me, or I wouldn't babble on about you so. I know fame and fortune were and are on your minds. I do wish you luck for your dreams; I just don't want to lose you to it so totally that I can no longer hear the heartbeat, the raindrop, the flap of a butterfly's wing in your songs. That would be a crime beyond reckonings, a deed so heinous as to be payment high enough.

I often wish I was wealthy and could start my own label. I already have a name for it, and I have my eye on a certain bunch to start my stable. Maybe someday folks. Until then, I do what I can to support live music and the tremendous musicians I have found to make it.

Just don't take this site too seriously. It is one fan, trying to make a little difference.

namaste, and sai Ram.

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