Tuesday, March 14, 2006

And They're Off!

Breaking out of the gate at amazing speed is BUTTERCUP! they head for the first turn and pass up much of the rest of the field to play at The Dandelion Cafe! It looks like everyone else on the whole of 6th St. is Standing Still!

Okay, at least from where I am at right now, it may not be quite so bad, but I bet parts of Austin are wishing it would all just go the hell away. SXSW, I mean. Racing around, trying to put together gigs and bands and sleeping arrangements that might actually include some sleep..... and we wanted this lifestyle WHY?!

Ha! I sit down here in SA, calmly getting up and doing my job, wondering what the hell some of my friends are going through up there, and truly, not envying them a wit. I will get a few choice handfulls as I can, and then leave, come back home to my nice "lame" little town (8th largest city in the US- how's that for lame, Austin- you ain't half our size! well, maybe right now, but tourists don't count!) I will sit on my porch, coffee and book in hand,sunday morning, and be able to see straight. and come Monday, when all the mundane world creeps back in your window, it will be like a bad Christmas memory, washing away with the street sweepers......

The main reason for my jibe at all of this is the pure insanity of trying to plan out just two days worth of this silly thing! I just got ANOTHER notification of someone playing, but he chose to leave off the times. I suppose I am supposed to guess! I'll find you, Mando.....somehow. Right now, I have so much else also going on, that SXSW is just a panicky dream in the future. If I get there, fine; if not, well, so what. Most of these people I am going to see I will see again in a less nutz atmosphere.

Must go throw flyers for Del Castillo. Back in awhile to relate a fun little Lanky story he doesn't know about yet!

Okay I'm back. throwing flyers ain't hard, but man, it is time consuming!

Anyway, I was doing one of the mundane jobs at work I just happen to have this odd knack for,and was playing Lanky on the PC at my desk, when one of the airmen I work with came into the room. I was behind him and saw his head turn and stop, and he listened very carefully to what was playing. I know that look. I get it myself. I walked passed him, saying as I did, if you like what you hear, come see him at the new club I am part of. I told him about the Red Room, showed him the new website my nephew Aaron made (http://redroomsa.com) and I think I know that the Lanster is going to have a new fan in that audience. (Oh yeah -"what the hell is an airman?!" I hear it now. I work for the Air Force currently, in a medical facility that used to be on Kelly AFB. Kelly is defunct, but for some reason the clinic is still there. I work wiht an interesting mix of air force people, civil circus people like myself, and contract civilians. The kids and I (some are as young as 19) get along, in part due to music. Who knows, Lanky, maybe you can land a world tour for the military.)

ANYway....I am tired, and I have got one heck of a couple of days coming up. TTFN, and I will report after returning from the battlefield. Light a candle for me- i will be going in feet first! and oh hey...it's supposed to rain like all hell this weekend- the first good rain we have had in too many months. Just figures. Better than dying of the heat like last year!

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